hey, i’m elaine.

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video director & comedian

Thanks for checking out my work, and feel free to reach out if you'd like to collab, learn more about me, talk about your horoscope or get a beer.


About Me

Hey friend! Thanks for swinging by. So glad you made it here!

I'm Elaine, a video director and comedian. I’m very cool.

As a director, I've produced music videos, short films, documentaries and lots of branded content. I’ve spent a huge part of my career working in the worlds of marketing and digital branding, and I specialize in ad campaign management, brand strategy & content creation. I’ve been able to marry my sick marketing skills with my love of video production and work with some incredible brands creating digital content.

As a comedian, I’ve directed sketch comedy videos, I run an original meme Instagram (follow me plz I need #clout as the kids say) I perform stand-up, host events, and one time I wrote and starred in a wholeass play.

I love meeting new friends, travelling, learning, eating sushi, drinking beer, painting and binge-watching Broad City & RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m always open to collaborating and meeting with new folks, so let’s talk!



I’m pretty rad - and you’re pretty rad too! Let’s work together.


I've produced a ton of video content throughout my career, and these pieces are some of my favorites.

Feel free to reach out for more samples of my work. Enjoy!




Work with Me

 a promo shot from my play Jay & Charlie Get Drunk, and possibly one of the best photos ever taken of me

I am a professional.

for reals.


I am currently offering the following services. Please contact me with details of your project for current rates and availability.

video production

producing/directing services for brands, social media content and music videos. I can produce stunning content that will grab your audience’s attention and tell your story in a badass way - however that looks for your brand.

Please note that I do not offer event videography services, however I work closely with an amazing production company and can hook you up for your event - so give me a shout and we can help you out!

video marketing strategy

I work with awesome brands to develop creative video marketing campaigns and strategies. I'm available for ongoing consultations, one on one sessions, workshops, or speaking engagements. I specialize in YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram Stories.

speaking engagements & event hosting

I’m very funny and if you pay me money I will show up and keep your audience very engaged and entertained and they will absolutely love you for it. I can run professional workshops on social media, content & story-based marketing. I also host shows and game nights at bars where the patrons are very drunk, so I’m good in a multitude of situations.


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