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Elaine Graham

I'm Elaine: video producer, comedian, cool person. Hi!


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hey there, I'm Elaine!

video director

Thanks for checking out my work, and feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more about me, collab, talk about your horoscope or get a beer.


About Me

Hey friend! Thanks for swinging by. So glad you made it here!

I'm Elaine, a very cool person who does a lot of things. I'm a video producer, marketing specialist and comedy writer.

I've produced music videos, short films, docs and lots of branded content. In the marketing world, I rock at campaign management, social strategy & content creation. I also love standing on stage and telling jokes, and one time I wrote and starred in a play.

I went to film school back in the day to pursue my love of directing, and through many twists and turns in my career I wound up in the world of online marketing. Throughout my career I've always felt a calling to make art and make people laugh, so after years in marketing I took the plunge to start working full time as a producer! It's been a scary and thrilling journey and I couldn't be happier.

When I have spare time, I like to travel, learn, make friends, eat sushi, drink beer, paint and watch TV (I love Broad City so, so much).  I'm a lot of fun. Let's party.

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